Apple Pages Templates for Storyboards & Presentations

With a recent update, Apple Pages (7.0) now has Masters, like Keynote. It cannot rival the editing scope of Adobe InDesign to produce and publish layouts. That is a given. But it is a sound solution to create beautiful documents, fast. And thanks to this improvement, it now makes sense to use it for storyboards. 

With a template, you can just drop images in the placeholder frames and add notes in the formatted text boxes. Here are a few Apple Pages templates to help you design storyboard presentations in no time.

If you use Pages in your workflow and need to create a neat storyboard layout, one of these templates should help.

Apple Pages template for 2.39:1 ratio storyboards Avenir Light 10pt on DIN A4 vertical sheet

All the templates are in the Apple Pages .template format. When opening a template, chose either New Document or Add to Template Chooser. The later will add the template to your theme library (“Choose a Template”) within Pages. Next time you need the template, it will be waiting there.

Pages templates only work on Mac. You need to own the font licenses for all the templates to work in the proper way.

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Praxinoscope – Galloping Warhorse

Praxinoscope illustration - Galloping horse rough drawing

Praxinoscope illustration for the Battle of Atoleiros Interpretation Centre - 14th century Castilian knight in armour charging on horse - line drawing, sketch on paper.

Praxinoscope preparatory illustration - Galloping horse - ink drawing on paper

Praxinoscope illustration - Castilian knight and galloping horse - animation transparency layers

Praxinoscope illustration - 14th century Castilian knight in armour charging on horse - black and white drawing.

Praxinoscope illustration - 14th century Castilian knight in armour charging on horse - b motion study.

Studies and illustrations for a praxinoscope featuring a 14th century Castilian knight charging on warhorse.

Inspired by Muybridge sequential photographs of a galloping horse from his famous Animal Locomotion series (1887).  I would recommend the book,  still unmatched to this day as a reference for painters and animators interested in studying movement. This praxinoscope is part of a larger permanent historical exhibition designed for the Battle of Atoleiros Interpretation Centre, in Fronteira, Portugal. The knight above is an example of the cavalry that took part in the Battle of Atoleiros in April 1384, between Portuguese infantry and a punitive expedition sent by John I of Castile.

Project design by Johan Schelfhout, M.D. Maverick ICS.

A short animated test done in Adobe Flash:

Animated castilian knight on galloping warhorse
Castilian knight on galloping warhorse

More samples about this project in the Film Storyboards Drawers blog. If you liked this post and are interested the rich medieval history of Portugal, watch more Atoleiros Battle animatic storyboards and the Aljubarrota battle storyboards.