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Bikes and Kites

4th June 2012

Shooting storyboards / TV Commercials



Directed by Marc R. Wilkins. Produced by Lovo Films Brussels. Client: non-profit recycling organization Fost Plus 2008 awareness campaign.

The roughs for the two films show my usual storyboarding process — a very simple one: drafting the whole camera angles and compositions in very tiny frames, on the fly, during live discussion with the director or over the phone — these where done over the phone and the help of very precise visual and written notes, so you’ll notice very little difference with the final boards.

Rough storyboard thumbnails - Bikes

Kites Rough storyboard thumbnails - Bikes

Rough storyboard thumbnails - Kites

Kites Rough storyboard thumbnails - Kites

In this case a double page holds an overview of each 30 seconds film but there are instances where you would need an entire sketchbook for a single story.

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