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This post shows all the free PDF storyboard templates available from @FilmStoryboards up to now. Each template you will find here is free for personal and commercial use. If you still draw storyboards on paper, you deserve it. Drawing, no cheating. Check back this page often as new templates get published on a regular basis. Happy storyboarding.

Free PDF Storyboard Template for 16:9 aspect ratio with set plan boxes A4 Vertical

Free PDF Storyboard Template for 16:9 aspect ratio with set plan boxes

Free PDF Storyboard Template for 1.85:1 aspect ratio on A4-vertical for print

Free PDF Japanese Anime Storyboard Templates 1.85:1 on A4 Vertical

Free PDF Storyboard Template with blank 1.85:1 aspect ratio frames Three pages on A4-landscape

Free PDF Storyboard template – Six blank frames storyboard — 1.85:1 aspect ratio — DIN A4 landscape

Free PDF Storyboard template — Six blank frames storyboard — 2.39:1 Scope format on A4 horizontal

Free PDF Storyboard template – Advertising storyboard template – frame ratio 1.85:1 on A4 landscape

Free PDF Storyboard template – Advertising storyboard template A4 portrait

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Toyota ECB Sponsorship











Toyota-Idents from BRS on Vimeo.

Storyboards for Toyota ECB idents.

Film director: Bugsy

Production house: Good Egg

Client: England and Wales Cricket Board

Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi

Fielder Navigation System

Storyboard — Toyota ECB Idents — Navigation system 01
Navigation system 01








Rear-view Wicket Camera











Stability Support






The Bat Alarm









Wicket Lane Departure Waring






These boards are 100% digital, drawn on the computer using Wacom. Compare with drawings on paper, the old school way.

Bikes and Kites

Shooting storyboards / TV Commercials



If you want to view this storyboard on iPad, here is the link.


View on iPad.

Final edit of the film.

Directed by Marc R. Wilkins.
Produced by Lovo Films Brussels.
Client: non-profit recycling organization Fost Plus 2008 awareness campaign.

The roughs for the two films show my usual storyboarding process – a very simple one: drafting the whole camera angles and compositions in very tiny frames, on the fly, during live discussion with the director or over the phone – these where done over the phone and the help of very precise visual and written notes, so you’ll notice very little difference with the final boards.

Rough storyboard thumbnails - Bikes

“Bikes” rough

Kites Rough storyboard thumbnails - Kites

“Kites” rough

In this case a double page holds an overview of each 30 seconds film but there are instances where you would need an entire sketchbook for a single story.

Storyboard for Ello Mobile animations

Storyboard schema - Ello - Sumatra project

Storyboard 01 - Ello - Sumatra project

Storyboard 02 - Ello - Sumatra project

Storyboard 03 - Ello - Sumatra project

Storyboard 04 - Ello - Sumatra project

Storyboard 05 - Ello - Sumatra project

Storyboard 06 - Ello - Sumatra project

Designed with LUON to present in a light-hearted way the Natuurpunt‘ Sumatran rainforest preservation project, one of eight charitable projects funded by Ello Mobile users. Each project is illustrated by a small animation featuring a family of characters.

More about these 8 projects and another way to support these online, through Ello Find, a Google powered search engine.

The final animation:


Ello Sumatra Animation
Ello Mobile — Sumatra Animation


Another one from the same series.


Ello Mobile — Medibus animation
Ello Mobile — Medibus animation

Storyboards Samples

Since 1999, I draw storyboards and concept illustrations for feature films, advertising commercials, TV shows, animation, events, spectacles historical films and documentaries.

Here you can view some of these different storyboards styles in a single pdf document. If you are looking for a storyboard artist able to work in different styles, check these to see how it might suit your project.

Storyboards can usually be delivered in a rapid turnaround time, either in digital form or hand-drawn on paper, or both.

More illustration and concept art works at alternatyves outc.

M6 Musique

A second shooting storyboard drawn for M6 Mobile, for a TV commercial filmed in Brussels.

Directed by Marc R. Wilkins.
Produced by Hush and Pacha Production.

Agency: BDDP & Fils.


The final TVC:

M6 Social Media


Shooting storyboards for a TV commercial directed by Marc R. Wilkins.

Produced by Hush and Pacha Production.

Client: M6 Mobile.

These were typically drawn very fast, over the course of two days.
Film location: The first TVC, “Musique” was shot in an apartment and the second film “Réseaux sociaux” at Verschueren Café in Saint-Gilles, both in Brussels.


New storyboard site

Welcome to this new site showcasing cinematic pre production works.

Film Storyboards provides production design and visual storytelling services for films, animation and cross media projects. I draw visuals for feature films, animation, advertising, games, live shows, theme parks, music videos, events, theatre and museums.

I like sequential illustration. Storyboarding represents a considerable part of my experience as an illustrator. I started out working as a commercial storyboard artist in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam in 1999.

From Saigon, I drew storyboards for Southeast Asia’s fast growing advertising and film scenes for the next two years. Then, moving on, continued working as a freelancer for clients in Europe and globally.

Today, storyboarding amounts to about 1/3 of my practice, alongside illustration and art direction.

Currently based in Brussels, I travel to draw on location or work from my studio. Helping production houses, advertising agencies, animation companies and award-winning directors visualise, present and pitch their projects.

For example, a shooting storyboards can be helpful for a production to estimate the budget for special effects, or help the crew prepare and communicate complex action scenes. But I am also involved in script development, conceptual illustrations and set design.

If you are looking for a story artist for a film production, check samples of my work in different styles. For credentials, visit the credits page to make sure your projects will be in good hands,

This site will host my portfolio, colour and black and white storyboards samples along with some notes about the works, preparatory drawings, roughs sketches etc.

In time, it will also provide with storyboard templates, articles and resources about storyboarding. If you are looking for a layout template for a specific film format that you don’t see on that page, you will more likely find it on the templates shop.

This site is an ongoing project, wedding the forgotten art of old school storyboarding with contemporary digital illustration. Watch this space if you love storytelling for film, multimedia and concept art.

For work related matters, you can contact me by emailing to yves//at//film-storyboards.com. But when you are in a hurry, talking is always best. For visual emergencies, please dial +32 475 418 427.

You can also follow @filmstoryboards on Twitter, a feed about sharing storytelling, production design and filmmaking related links. Story artists, film directors and productions are welcome to send news and work updates.

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