Animatics – Aljubarotta Battle




Animatics — illustrations series made for audio guides depicting the 1385 Aljubarrota battle.

The sequences take the visitor through different phases of the famous Portuguese defensive battle, one of the first of its kind in Europe, exploring the trenching tactic used, troops movements and other historical aspects while interactive features draw on some of the injuries inflicted on soldiers whose remains were later found on the battlefield, studied by archeologists and visible in the interpretation centre.

Project design by Maverick ICS, post production by KomKom Doorn.

Client: the Battle of Aljubarrota Interpretation Centre, Portugal.

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The Hot Potato – Car Chase

Shooting storyboard: car chase and special effects scenes.
The Hot Potato, feature film written, directed and produced by Tim Lewiston, Wardour Pictures and Novak Prod. Shot on location in UK and Belgium.

Synopsis: Based on real events. London’s East End 1969. One evening, a government research establishment explodes; an event that eventually leads the two friends, Kenny (Ray Winstone) and Danny (Jack Huston), being in possession of a large lump of Uranium… They crisscross Europe to find a buyer. Accompanied by Danny’s girl, the lovely Carole. They encounter a diverse cast of bizarre characters, all trying to steal the ‘Hot Potato’, but a deal agreed inside the Vatican has the co-conspirators confounding each other. The story twists and turns to an exciting and unexpected finale.

Only two sequences were storyboarded: the action scene with cars and another scene requiring matte and special effects. Drawn directly with ink on paper, trying to keep the energy of the first draft, the second scene is just sketched roughly – as no more than an outline was necessary. Click on frame center to view sequences in full screen.

Watch The Hot Potato Storyboard on iPad.

Drawing the two scenes was fun.
Looking forward to seeing the movie.

Rough storyboard car chase The Hot Potato
Rough storyboard – Car chase scene

The Hot Potato storyboard car chase sequence - storyboard
One frame from car chase scene – storyboard cleaned

Rough storyboard The Hot Potato - gun scene
Rough storyboard The Hot Potato – gun scene

The Hot Potato One frame from car chase, firing gun scene - storyboard cleaned
One frame from car chase, firing gun scene – storyboard cleaned

The Hot Potato One frame from car chase, firing gun scene - storyboard cleaned
Another frame from the same scene

You can download the storyboard in pdf format here.