Storyboard for Ello Mobile animations

Storyboard schema - Ello - Sumatra project

Storyboard 01 - Ello - Sumatra project

Storyboard 02 - Ello - Sumatra project

Storyboard 03 - Ello - Sumatra project

Storyboard 04 - Ello - Sumatra project

Storyboard 05 - Ello - Sumatra project

Storyboard 06 - Ello - Sumatra project

Designed with LUON to present in a light-hearted way the Natuurpunt‘ Sumatran rainforest preservation project, one of eight charitable projects funded by Ello Mobile users. Each project is illustrated by a small animation featuring a family of characters.

More about these 8 projects and another way to support these online, through Ello Find, a Google powered search engine.

The final animation:


Ello Sumatra Animation
Ello Mobile — Sumatra Animation


Another one from the same series.


Ello Mobile — Medibus animation
Ello Mobile — Medibus animation

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