Storyboards Templates

Good design is essential when it comes to presentations and pitches. But making the right layout for presentation is time consuming. If you are looking for a ready to use, well designed storyboard template in PDF file, Adobe InDesign or Apple Keynote formats, check out the templates section.

You can find even more templates in the Storyboards Shop, many of which are free. Each template is editable, modular, and tested. These templates are used by artists and productions and agencies throughout the world.

Film Resolution & Aspect Ratio Cheat Sheet

Resolution + Aspect Ratio Cheat Sheet for Most Used Film Formats

Storyboard and drawing apps

Storyboarder is an open source storyboarding app developed by Wonder Unit. You can contribute to Storyboarder GitHub repository to make it better.

Script development and writing apps

Slugline is a streamlined app for screenwriting.
CeltX, a pre production web app that started as an open source writing software for screenplays.
iA Writer, a disruption-free writing app designed by Information Architects.
Script Visualizer, another way to visualise your screenplay (with a timeline) by Wonder Unit.

Fountain is a markup language for screenwriting in plain text.

Story artists links

Jorgen List — Looking for a storyboard artist? Find out who is most likely available. This is not an agent site, but a list curated by Jorgen Stovne, an Art Director.

Temple of the Seven Golden Camels — A vast repository of illustrated articles written by seasoned story artist Mark Kennedy.

Gurney Journey — A painting and drawing blog, updated by Dinopia‘s creator James Gurney.

Storyboard Central — A collective blog initiated by concept artist and illustrator Leif Peng, for those interested in the forgotten art of visualising, with a focus on commercial storyboards.

Famous Frames — The leading artist representative agency specializing in storyboards and visualising. With headquarters in LA, and a regional office in NYC, Famous Frames represents a roster of 100+ of story artists.

Invisible Ink — Brian McDonald’s blog about storytelling, filmmaking and narrative structures.

Critical Opalescence — Musings on visual and story development in film and animation by Francis Glebas

Online Movies References

Internet Movie Archive
Cinephilia and Beyond
Open Culture – Movies