Storyboards Templates

Storyboards template in .pdf, InDesign and (Apple) Keynote formats

Resolution & Aspect Ratio Cheat Sheet

Resolution & Aspect Ratio Cheat Sheet

Library / Filmmaking resources

A selection of filmmaking, storytelling, illustration and design related books on Amazon.

Script development and writing apps

CeltX is a pre production web app that started as an open source writing software for screenplays.
Slugline is a streamlined app for screenwriting.
iA Writer, a disruption-free writing app designed by Information Architects.
Fountain is a markup language for screenwriting in plain text.

Story artists links

Jorgen List — Looking for a storyboard artist? Find who is most likely available. This is not an agent site, the list is curated by Jorgen Stovne, an Art Director.

Temple of the Seven Golden Camels — A vast repository of illustrated articles written by seasoned story artist Mark Kennedy.

Gurney Journey — Painting and drawing blog updated by Dinopia creator James Gurney.

Storyboard Central — A collective blog initiated by Leif Peng, for those interested in the forgotten art of visualising.

Invisible Ink — Brian McDonald’s blog about storytelling, filmmaking and narrative structures.

Critical Opalescence — musings on visual and story development in film and animation by Francis Glebas

Online Movies References

Internet Movie Archive
Cinephilia and Beyond
Open Culture – Movies