Apple Keynotes Themes for Storyboards & Presentations

When it comes to layout, Adobe InDesign is great but when it comes to speed, Apple Keynote is even faster.
Here are a few Apple Keynote themes for print and screen presentations.

If you use Keynote in your workflow and need to put together a quick storyboard presentation, one of these themes might come in handy.

Apple Keynote Storyboard Theme Presentation Scope 2.39×1 Avenir Light 10pt on DIN A4 landscape

Apple Keynote Storyboard Theme 2:1 (18:9) Univisium Avenir Light 10pt A4 landscape

Apple Keynote Storyboard Theme 1.85:1 Courier 10pt on DIN A4 landscape

Apple Keynote Scope Storyboard Theme 2.39:1 DIN A4 landscape

Keynote themes only work on Mac. You need to own the font licenses for all the templates to work properly.

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Japanese Anime Storyboard Templates

Would you like to draw storyboards like Hayao Miyazaki?

You might not have his mastery yet, but you can get this Japanese anime storyboard template and start honing your skills.
Here is a Japanese anime storyboard template which layout is drawing inspiration from the fantastic Studio Ghibli storyboards. You can get the free pdf versions or an editable version for Adobe InDesign, both available in the Storyboards Gumroad shop. Print it out and start drawing on paper or place your storyboard pictures in a neat InDesign document.

Free PDF Japanese Anime Storyboard Templates 1.85:1 on A4 Vertical

InDesign Japanese Anime Storyboard Template 1.85:1 Aspect Ratio on A4 Vertical numbered

Free PDF Storyboard Template for 1.85:1 aspect ratio on A4-vertical for print

idml is compatible with ALL InDesign versions since version 4 up to the current one (INDESIGN CC 2017).

You should have the template font(s) installed on your machine for the InDesign templates to work properly.

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Toyota ECB Sponsorship











Toyota-Idents from BRS on Vimeo.

Storyboards for Toyota ECB idents.

Film director: Bugsy

Production house: Good Egg

Client: England and Wales Cricket Board

Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi

Fielder Navigation System

Storyboard — Toyota ECB Idents — Navigation system 01
Navigation system 01








Rear-view Wicket Camera











Stability Support






The Bat Alarm









Wicket Lane Departure Waring






These boards are 100% digital, drawn on the computer using Wacom. Compare with drawings on paper, the old school way.

Praxinoscope – Galloping Warhorse

Praxinoscope illustration - Galloping horse rough drawing

Praxinoscope illustration for the Battle of Atoleiros Interpretation Centre - 14th century Castilian knight in armour charging on horse - line drawing, sketch on paper.

Praxinoscope preparatory illustration - Galloping horse - ink drawing on paper

Praxinoscope illustration - Castilian knight and galloping horse - animation transparency layers

Praxinoscope illustration - 14th century Castilian knight in armour charging on horse - black and white drawing.

Praxinoscope illustration - 14th century Castilian knight in armour charging on horse - b motion study.

Studies and illustrations for a praxinoscope featuring a 14th century Castilian knight charging on warhorse.

Inspired by Muybridge sequential photographs of a galloping horse from his famous Animal Locomotion series (1887).  I would recommend the book,  still unmatched to this day as a reference for painters and animators interested in studying movement. This praxinoscope is part of a larger permanent historical exhibition designed for the Battle of Atoleiros Interpretation Centre, in Fronteira, Portugal. The knight above is an example of the cavalry that took part in the Battle of Atoleiros in April 1384, between Portuguese infantry and a punitive expedition sent by John I of Castile.

Project design by Johan Schelfhout, M.D. Maverick ICS

A short animated test done in Adobe Flash:

Animated castilian knight on galloping warhorse
Castilian knight on galloping warhorse

More samples about this project in the Film Storyboards Drawers blog. If you liked this post and are interested the rich medieval history of Portugal, watch more Atoleiros Battle animatic storyboards and the Aljubarrota battle storyboards.

Atoleiros Battle Animatics Part 02

Visual Narrative

Part two of a series of animatic drawings done for a cross media project on display at the Battle of Atoleiros Interpretation Centre, Fronteira.

See Atoleiros Battle animatics — part 01.

These drawings complement the battle reconstitution film within a larger cross media installation. The Portuguese Interregnum, or the 1383-85 Crisis, is a story of royal tangle, intrigue and treason. To translate it into visual narrative for a larger public, we imagined a virtual chessboard set. It shows each character’s role in their fight over Portugal’s throne, like in a theatre scene. Exhibition design by Maverick ICS.

Check more drawings from this project in the Film Storyboards Drawers blog. If you liked this post you’ll enjoy to watch the Aljubarrota battle storyboards.

Atoleiros Battle Animatics Part 01

Animated storyboards featured in a multimedia installation designed for the Centro de Interpretação da Batalha de Atoleiros. Project design by Johan Schelfhout, MD, Maverick ICS.

The story depicts the events surrounding the 1384 Atoleiros battle during the Portuguese Interregnum. We started with an overview of the scenes roughed in a sketchbook. This step ran in parallel with the writing phase of the adaptation. We tested mood boards in colour, mixing sketches, illuminations and voice-over to get a sense of timing. This part of the story is about the 1383-85 Crisis, and focus on the Marriage of King D. Fernando I the Handsome with Queen D. Leonor the Treacherous. It is a story of betrayal and court secrets, that portraits a kingdom at the verge of civil war.
Editing animated drawings with live footage allowed to spend more of the budget on re-enacting the battle.
Drawings are tell key moments about the political and historical context that led to the battle. The film is part of the permanent exhibition, projected on a drawing board in a reconstructed painter workshop.

The Battle of Atoleiros Interpretation Centre hosts the permanent exhibition in Fronteira, Portugal. In photographs by Fernando Guerra.

If you enjoyed this post and like Portugal’s rich medieval history, check more works:

– Castilian knight praxinoscope

– More production drawings from this project in the drawers blog

– Aljubarrota battle storyboards.

Animatics – Aljubarotta Battle




Animatics — illustrations series made for audio guides depicting the 1385 Aljubarrota battle for the Battle of Aljubarrota Interpretation Centre, Portugal.

The sequences take the visitor through different phases of the famous Portuguese defensive battle, one of the first of its kind in Europe, exploring the trenching tactic used, troops movements and other historical aspects while interactive features draw on some of the injuries inflicted on soldiers whose remains were later found on the battlefield, studied by archeologists and visible in the interpretation centre.

Project design by Maverick ICS, post production by KomKom Doorn.

If you liked this post, check the Aljubarrota battle storyboards.